Fall 2021 – Growth from Ruptures

The first issue of Wild Garlic comes at a transitional and perhaps contradictory time: When we first conceived of this project, we devised a theme for our inaugural edition that spoke to a concept more closely aligned with springtime: growth. We now find ourselves sliding through autumn and toward a season of introspection and darkness.

In preparation for this issue, we turned to our writing group members with a question: What possibilities can you see emerging fissures from the myriad and inevitable fissures that occur in life and in the natural world? Some of these pieces move boldly into and through the dark–after all, a breaking-apart can mean an ending: of a relationship, a life, stability, security. Even in the darkest season when the night and cold are prominent, the life that arises up can be quite surprising and perhaps all the more powerful for its lack. There is also naturally a sense of rebirth braided into this notion–how would any of us form new identities, new communities, or new ways of seeing if it wasn’t for the breaking that pushed us there? 

We hope you enjoy these explorations from members of the Brooklyn Women’s Writing Group in this first issue of Wild Garlic.