Winter 2022 – Floods and Tides

In considering the time when the second issue of Wild Garlic would launch, we meditated on the exit of winter and the forthcoming ingress of spring. Water gives the season its growth: the showers of April. We arrived, then, on Floods and Tides. Submissions began to filter in. We were surprised to see the ways our writers saw elements of love and relationships within the theme of water. Yet, when we consider the human connection to floods and tides, we enter the realm of time. Our sense of time and seasons is regulated by the moon and its tides. Without flooding, humans would not have founded the first cities in the floodplains of the Tigris, Euphrates, and Nile rivers. 

And there is always a hint of danger in those tides. It’s impossible to consider love or water without acknowledging one’s vulnerability to it. We must respect this power, for in a moment they will sweep us away. So with the publication of our second issue of Wild Garlic, we ask you to consider the ways you are respecting your time and the rivers of connection that hold you to your loved ones. 

Please enjoy these explorations from members of the Brooklyn Women’s Writing Group in our second issue of Wild Garlic. And remember to keep your stilts and your sea legs handy.