Winter 2023 – Reflecting in Stasis

It is (still) winter, and some days the hours pass with a slowness like they are dancing underwater. We try to breathe deep, remembering that we cannot be hurdling forward at all times. We need to find our balance. In the fourth issue of Wild Garlic, contributing writers approach the theme of “Reflecting in Stasis” as a question: What does it mean to look within?

Examination of the self is a brave and necessary component of good writing, and one author found entry points in sensory experiences, locating a body in relation to its natural surroundings. Another author brought us along for a grounding meditation, and others explored interpersonal relationships with a deep honesty, questing not for attractive outcomes, but truthful ones.

In life and in writing, we have to walk a line, often turning our powers of observation inward to make evaluations and consider our lives, our histories and experiences with an eye both sharp and kind. We hope you will enjoy exploring this new issue, and that it inspires you to turn inward and take your time.

Image: painting by Varuni Sinha

The River – Renee Vanessa

Sky’s Finest Mantle – Kelly Trost

Plural – Caroline Roper

What Are You Going to Dream About Tonight? – Erin Mckelle Fischer

Stasis – Sara Wekselblatt

She’s Given Herself Permission – Paula Paterniti

Meditation – Varuni Sinha

  • Issue 4 Wild Garlic is a publication of the Brooklyn Women’s Writing Group